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Mirko Lahti

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Mirko Lahti is the 2017 Red Bull Crashed Ice Junior world champion. He is currently studying sports and leisure management in Sport institute of Finland at Vierumäki.

Lahti has a large sporting background which has supported his career in Crashed Ice. He started motocross at the very early age of four and also started to ski and play ice hockey as a child. These three hobbies gave him an awesome background for ice cross downhill.

Lahti has had some serious injuries through his adolescence. He broke his ankle which has been operated on a couple of times, and in 2013 Lahti crashed hard with his supermotobike. He broke 5 ribs, spinous processes and had internal bleeding in his stomach, lungs and spleen. Luckily he has fully recovered from the accident. There have been many other injuries as well which delayed starting ice cross downhill.

In 2015 Lahti had a chance and managed to skate into his first Red Bull Crashed Ice race in Serena, Finland. He finished 60th in his first race and quickly rose in the standings. Already in 2015/2016 Lahti showed strong performances, being the best Finnish rider in a few races:

10th in Riders Cup Wagrain. 18th in St. Paul Crashed Ice. 3rd place in Finnish nationals gave him lot of confidence for the next season.

The 2016/2017 season was a breakthrough for Lahti. He won the first season of the Junior World Championship and was 11th in the men's world championship. Being 11th in the men's world championship meant Lahti was the best Finnish athlete on tour.

Lahti is eager to win back to back Junior World Championships this season, as it will be the last year he is able to compete in that category. Another goal is to skate all the way to the Final heats in every men's race.