Athlete info

Elaine Topolnisky
Date of Birth:
59 kg
Resides in:
Kamloops, Canada

Elaine Topolnisky grew up in a small town and hockey is all she's ever really known. She played hockey with the boys when she was young because there weren't enough girls to form a team. Each year the boys got bigger and faster and stronger so in order for her to continue to play, she had to push herself and work harder then everyone else each time she stepped on the ice. Having a good work ethic and the ability to dream was always her strong suit. Elaine went to a private hockey school for high school and earned a full scholarship to University. After she graduated University, she wanted to try something new. Ice Cross Downhill was the next step. Over the years she has learned that success begins at the end of your comfort zone. "My advice to young racers is to not be afraid of falling, crashing and failing. Each time you fall, you learn something and that makes you a little better the next time round."