Kyle Croxall and Scott Croxall
Date: 01/12/2017

Over the years we've seen many brothers competing in the sport of Ice Cross Downhill. Marco and Luca Dallago, Dean and Dylan Moriarity, Dan and Tyler Witty, just to mention a few. But by far the most successful siblings in the history of the sport are Canadian brothers Kyle and Scott Croxall

Kyle, who at 29 is the older of the two, was the Ice Cross Downhill World Champion in 2012, while 26-year-old Scott grabbed the title for himself in 2015. They have also both finished runner-up overall on multiple occasions, Kyle twice and Scott three times.

What makes Ice Cross Downhill the sport of brotherly love? Do brothers have some kind of special advantage in Red Bull Crashed Ice and the sport where four athletes at a time race down ice-covered, obstacle-filled tracks at speeds of up to 80 km/h? Perhaps brothers just have a natural habit of pushing each other to the limits – an incredibly important ingredient for success in a sport that requires speed, stamina, agility and courage.

"It's an individual sport but we push each other as hard as we can," says Scott, a business entrepreneur, of his older brother Kyle, a fireman. He took up the sport at age 18 after watching Kyle compete in Quebec City, Canada. "We want to see the other do well – to be on top of the sport. It's a civilized competition."

Scott Croxall (L) and Kyle Croxall (R) on track together last season in Marseille. Photo: Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool.

Kyle adds that they definitely help each other whenever possible but that both are going out on the ice to win:

"It's not a brotherly rivalry. It's a brotherly competition. We are similar in what we can do," said Kyle. "We've travelled nine or ten years together. So we find out ways to get faster on the track and tell each other. We give each other tips on how to get better."

The Croxalls will certainly be ones to watch out for again in 2017/18, as they set their eyes on their biggest rival and reigning champion Cameron Naasz.

There are sure to be some intense battles, and Scott and Kyle are never far from the drama when the action hots up on the ice.

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