Riders Cup

Date: 20/11/2014


The Riders Cup competition is a reflection of how the top riders have pushed the fastest sport on skates to the next level – some athletes build their own tracks in partnerships with local ski resorts and organizations. The Riders Cup events are organized "by riders for riders" and are part of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship. The Riders Cup events are held, for the most part, in the vicinity of the major stops and they are designed, built and organized by the host riders themselves on their home courses. Besides a separate Riders Cup ranking, the participants of the Riders Cup can also earn valuable points for the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship with the winner of each race collecting 250 points in the overall World Championship - in other words 25 percent of the 1,000 points awarded to the winners of the major stops.

Competitors from more than 15 different nations train year-round. Athletes from a variety of different sporting backgrounds – everything from downhill skiing to mountain-biking – compete in ice cross downhill competitions, such as Red Bull Crashed Ice events and Riders Cup competitions.

There will be five Riders Cup races on the calendar in 2016/17 as the high-speed sport continues to grow.


Riders Cup 2016/17 Race Calendar:

DEC. 10 Wagrain-Kleinarl, Austria - Read the full report
JAN. 28 Rautalampi, Finland - Read the full report
FEB. 4 Moscow, Russia - Read the full report
FEB. 18 La Sarre, Canada - Read the full report
FEB. 25 Bathurst, Canada - cancelled due to weather conditions

For more information visit http://www.atsx.org/


2016/17 Highlights


Moscow (RUS), 2016/17

La Sarre (CAN), 2016/17

Rautalampi (FIN), 2016/17

Wagrain-Kleinarl (AUT), 2016/17

2015/16 Riders Cup Highlights


Sherbrooke (CAN), 2015/16

Bathurst (CAN), 2015/16

Rautalampi (FIN), 2015/16

Avoriaz (FRA), 2015/16

Wagrain-Kleinarl (AUT), 2015/16

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